Test Shoot #2 & #3


Test Shoot 2

Friday saw the second of our test shoots on an alleyway behind a row of houses, just outside the centre of York and five minutes from our university. On this street we tested the very first scene of the film which will establish the nature of this world which we have created and will involve some lovely sound effects! Joy! There is to be no talking, just background noise really, such as footsteps on mossy brick and murmurs amongst people that the main characters walk passed. It was a pretty successful test shoot and we achieved a lot in terms of realising what shots we will need. As for sound, it’s not all that ambitious but I’m intending for it to be atmospheric, if not eerie.

Test Shoot 3

And today we went back to the beach to try out some shots with the equipment. Well. It rained and it was windy and freezing cold and the rain hit your face like a bunch of needles. Unpleasant is not the word. Immediately this rings alarm bells for sound because the wind is the least ideal thing for filming. It’s loud, noisy, and clogs up the microphone with unnecessary noise. Also, there’s the sea, surprisingly which also makes a lovely sound. From the top of the cliff it’s not great, it sounds exactly like wind so my intention is to venture down the cliff to the waves and record them from down there because they sound amazing, especially if they’re strong. This is one of the upsides to it being horrible weather, but other than that it’s unpleasant.

Essentially, my main plan for shooting after we go to Poland (more on that later) is to wear my bright red raincoat and purple wellies. Oh and to record some ace sound, obviously.

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